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-Roctober #46

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NEWS! DEMO! The news right now is that
1. Monty & Maggie had another baby girl, Scarlett, who is going to fight the forces of Cobra
2. That means no Goons activity (shows) for at least a few months.
3. We have written an EP of stuff that Poochie & Homer are going to hammer out and record in September (most likely).
4. ...Expect a Halloween show and the EP...around Halloween...um...

5. UNRELATED TO THE EP, here's ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD, a new-ish song. This is a 1 mic demo recorded in our space and the song is slightly longer than the final version. There's also an ALARM SOUND in the middle. That's actually feedback from Krusty and I had to add some effects and change the volume or you'll go deaf. I know. So check it out. Homer wrote the music, Monty wrote the lyrics, which are:

He can herd sheep much better than
that hard-shelled whooping terrier
The judges give him a perfect ten
while Mr. Zoidberg wins an afghan
made of

All glory to the Hypnotoad

The universe's favorite show
Everybody Loves Hypnotoad
Season one's out on DVD
it's been going downhill since season three

All glory to the Hypnotoad

He's got a new drama you can't miss
go watch Prognosis Hypnosis
You'll love it more than All My Circuits
so do his bidding you can't resist

All glory to the Hypnotoad

Have you bought Bigger Than Jebus yet? It's awesome.

More news when it happens.

IT's HERE. It's big. It's BIGGER. Than JEBUS.

The new Goons album. Enjoy.

Dudes. Look to the left part of this page. Both albums. Streamed. With LINKS to share with your friends on the Facebooks and Google Plusses and whathaveyou. SHARE. THIS. WITH. EVERYONE.

Homer & Monty interviewed for a college paper. The interview was heavily edited and very little of it made it into print. They also spelled Monty's name wrong in the paper. So, here's the whole interview as Monty & Homer talk about the new album and the status of the band.

Click on the videos link above to see some of the new songs performed live!

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