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-Roctober #46

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Feb 28th @ Silvie's

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KRUSTY'S LAST SHOW with the Goons! Friday, February 28th @ Silvie's Lounge (1902 W. Irving Park, right off the CTA Brown Line, and accessible by driving with parking on Irving Park & Damen). 8pm and we play with FAITH IN THE FALLEN and we're going to kick their asses. Also, it'll be Krusty's last show with us. BOOO. And not Boo-urns.

Have you bought Bigger Than Jebus yet? It's awesome.

More news when it happens.

IT's HERE. It's big. It's BIGGER. Than JEBUS.

The new Goons album. Enjoy.

Dudes. Look to the left part of this page. Both albums. Streamed. With LINKS to share with your friends on the Facebooks and Google Plusses and whathaveyou. SHARE. THIS. WITH. EVERYONE.

Homer & Monty interviewed for a college paper. The interview was heavily edited and very little of it made it into print. They also spelled Monty's name wrong in the paper. So, here's the whole interview as Monty & Homer talk about the new album and the status of the band.

Click on the videos link above to see some of the new songs performed live!

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